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Title: Silkroad Online
Description: Weekly Best; Silk Cartoon; User Ranking; Silkroad User's Magazine; Fan Site .... Game Inspection Completed : May 12, 2009 16:00 Silkroad Standard Time ...

silkroadcp.joymax.com is installed on a KR server with IP-address:

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Silkroad Online

Description: Web page of Silkroad Online is optimized under below condition. Windows Operation Systems ( Microsoft Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista ) ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/userenv.htm

aao*** cxukzm3c*** gsy0f*** kimj*** oii*** sailll*** verrn ...

Description: Jun 1, 2010 – aao***, cxukzm3c***, gsy0f***, kimj***, oii***, sailll***, verrn***. aasia***, czov***, gtqv8ioo***, kipper***, ompe1rf***, saudln4*** ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/popup/20100601/MoneybookersWinner.asp

Silkroad Online

Description: 24 حزيران (يونيو) 2011‎ – Shard, CharName, Shard, CharName. AEGE, 4PK, AEGE, totalredneck. AEGE, SunDoNna, AEGE, CherryX. AEGE, _Patteline_, AEGE, __HOKKOBAZ__ ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/popup/20110624/winners.asp

A campaign to make a clean SRO

Description: Feb 16, 2010 – These days, we have a growing number of mannerless users who like to call other users names since we have provided them multi-language ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/popup/20100216/popup_english.html

Temiz Silkroad kampanyası.

Description: 16 Şub 2010 – Silkroad Online'dan herkese merhaba. Dil hizmeti vermeye başladıktan sonra grgsz oyuncular oğaldı. Sanal ortamda anonimlik garanti ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/popup/20100216/popup_turkey.html

حملة لجعل SRO نظيف.

Description: 16 شباط (فبراير) 2010‎ – لاحظنا هذه الأيام، ارتفاع كبير لبعض الأعضاء الذين يحبدون استدعاء الأعضاء الآخرين بطريقة غير لائقة مند أن بدأنا بتوفير خدمة اللغات المتعددة. ...
Url: http://silkroadcp.joymax.com/popup/20100216/popup_egypt.html

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